Just some updates!

Chris Hill

Hey dear readers who totally exist! So if you didn’t catch wind of it on the twitters or book of faces, we’re taking a break from posting new pages for a little bit. This isn’t because we don’t have them. In fact, chapter 13 is 34 pages and already done. 14 is also done, but I forget how long it is.

Anyway, it’s so I can focus on getting stuff ready for Comikaze, and also update the volume one pages on the site. Not only will they be in color, but they’ll have extensive corrections, added backgrounds and uhh…in some cases, a little George Lucas magic. Nothing was rewritten though! It’s basically all visual improvements that I don’t think anyone could legitimately argue against.

So with that said, sometime within the next week or so, I’ll update all of chapter one, and make a news post. And lots of tweets. So you’ll hopefully know when it’s up. Then I’ll continue updating 2-6. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your friends about us! Tell everyone, and you’ll get complimentary stickers.

On the Comikaze front, we’re trying MUCH HARDER than we did last year to be prepared. I ended up rushing pretty hard to get volume one colored in time, and didn’t focus on uhh…almost any trinkets or extra things.

With that said, I’m planning to have a pair of 5ft tall banners, more postcards, bookmarks, stickers, buttons, posters and an even shiner version of volume one than before. So if you’re gonna be at Comikaze this year, come by and see us! Once I know what our booth number is, I’ll share it.

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