Camille is your slightly-below-average high school student. Who happens to hear a seemingly-omniscient voice. Camille suddenly declares his desire to conquer the world after his girlfriend, Rose, breaks up with him. Age: 18
Height: 6’1”
Sex: M
Sign: Aquarius
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue

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Camille is your slightly-below-average high school student.With little understanding of his motivations, Camille suddenly declares his desire to conquer the world after his girlfriend, Rose, breaks up with him.

Rather than angst over the loss, he dives head first into his new found quest.

Prior to his relationship with Rose (and megalomaniacal ambitions), Camille was somewhat withdrawn to strangers, with the occasional overly excited, ambitious outburst of imagination.

Paired with his outsider status, having been relocated to Zone 006 only a few years prior, this led his classmates to ostracize him.

Age: 18
Height: 6’1”
DOB: 02-10-1995
Sex: M
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Blue

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Graham is an above-average student who excels at robotics, currently acting as president of the robotics club. Although Graham is an excellent student, he has some anger issues and tends to think of himself as above others.

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Lisa is Camille’s younger sister. Although they’re both foster children, they do get along famously, with Lisa playing pranks on Camille every chance she gets. Lisa has always been fond of Rose, and definitely wishes Camille hadn’t screwed that up.

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Volume Two and Interviews!

Hi everybody! In case you hadn’t heard, volume two is now available in print form, colored and everything! There’s also neat additions, like this, an actual menu for Rapture Burgers, a couple of additional pages at the end of chapter seven, and a fun collage of photos Alex and Rose took!

I should also mention that buying our books is the best way to support us, short of throwing money in my face. Actually, if you ever meet me in person, PLEASE throw money in my face. Anyway, you can pick up both volume one and the just-released volume two on Amazon.

On a semi-related note, we’ve got a few recent interviews up around the web! You can watch an interview with the Otaku Rage Nation guys (done at Comikaze) here, and listen to a podcast interview with the guys at the GWW here. There’s also a long interview, with all three of us again, going up sometime soon over on the Meltdown Comics site. I’ll post that whenever it goes up!

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Interview questions!

Hi everybody! We’re going to be doing an interview with Comicsfix on Thursday, and we’d like to hear from you! Send us any questions you might have about us or the comic (or otherwise). Feel free to leave a comment here, tweet at us (@raptureburgers) or comment on Facebook!

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Just some updates!

Hey dear readers who totally exist! So if you didn’t catch wind of it on the twitters or book of faces, we’re taking a break from posting new pages for a little bit. This isn’t because we don’t have them. In fact, chapter 13 is 34 pages and already done. 14 is also done, but I forget how long it is.

Anyway, it’s so I can focus on getting stuff ready for Comikaze, and also update the volume one pages on the site. Not only will they be in color, but they’ll have extensive corrections, added backgrounds and uhh…in some cases, a little George Lucas magic. Nothing was rewritten though! It’s basically all visual improvements that I don’t think anyone could legitimately argue against.

So with that said, sometime within the next week or so, I’ll update all of chapter one, and make a news post. And lots of tweets. So you’ll hopefully know when it’s up. Then I’ll continue updating 2-6. This is the perfect opportunity for you to tell your friends about us! Tell everyone, and you’ll get complimentary stickers.

On the Comikaze front, we’re trying MUCH HARDER than we did last year to be prepared. I ended up rushing pretty hard to get volume one colored in time, and didn’t focus on uhh…almost any trinkets or extra things.

With that said, I’m planning to have a pair of 5ft tall banners, more postcards, bookmarks, stickers, buttons, posters and an even shiner version of volume one than before. So if you’re gonna be at Comikaze this year, come by and see us! Once I know what our booth number is, I’ll share it.

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Site Redesign!

Hey everybody! As you can probably see, I’ve done a pretty major site overhaul. Take a look around!

Notable improvements:

  • Left and right arrow keys will navigate through comic pages.
  • Click on comic to move to next page.
  • Better main archive page.
  • Individual chapter archives show all pages, with hover information about them.
  • Character pages are now actually generated instead of being one big image.
  • Chapter selection drop-down on in the controls.
  • The site is better optimized for small screens, with margins being auto-calculated.
  • When viewed from a low-resolution mobile device, controls are made bigger.

That’s most of the functional improvements. If you see any problems, tweet us or leave a comment!

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Now Available!

Hi everybody! As you may or may not know, we recently made copies of Volume One available at Comikaze. Well, now it’s available on Amazon too, in digital and physical versions!

Each book was forged in the great, mysterious land of Canada, and all 160 pages were painstakingly scribed by the claws of a beast with no name. Additionally, purchasing one of these accursed books will allow us to continue our not-so-secret megalomaniacal ambitions, and maybe buy some Nameless Beast Chow.  They make good pets/printers, but man do they eat a lot.

So, if you like what we do and/or were looking for a way to support us, this is it! Buy something!

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Comikaze Stuff!

Alright, everybody, Comikaze is coming up this weekend, and we’re gonna be there. We’ll be at table AA864, which is uhh…a row or two in front of the main stage.


On that note, we’ll have print copies of volume one at our table! It’s in full color, with the Halloween special, bio pages, and even some specially commissioned art pieces in the back!


Additionally, we’ll have some pretty sweet postcards and copies of chapters one and two (in black and white).

So come on down to Comikaze and support us!

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New site feature!

There’s a brand-new site feature we’ve enable, and I think you’ll like it. How do you access it, you ask? Well, it wouldn’t be very fun if we told you.

The Konami code.

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We have few bits of news to share here!

First of all, chapters one and two are available on the Amazon Kindle store. They are 99 cents each, and buying one will give you about 35 cents worth of brownie points from us. On a related note, I have a pile of physical copies of chapter two here that I’m going to be doing…something with.

Second, we have a new feature/review over at Entertainment Fuse! A big thanks to Nicole for that!

Third, we’re going to be at Comikaze 2013, touting our completed first volume (barring any unforeseen delays)! This will likely be accompanied by a print or two and individual copies of chapters.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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So we’re only one page away from the end of chapter four! Once page 24 posts on Monday, we’ll be taking the rest of the week off from new pages, then resuming the following Monday, May 13.

Also worthy of note: we’ll be at Hypno Comics in Ventura, CA tomorrow for Free Comicbook Day! We’ll be giving away and/or signing 20 copies of chapter one. If you’re in the area, be sure to swing by and at least gaze longingly into our eyes. It’s just common courtesy, you know?

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Bonus page!

While we’re waiting on the completion of Chapter 4, we’re proud to bring you a bonus page! This was actually created during chapter 2’s production, but I decided to hold on to it. At any rate, enjoy these one-shot strips!

(Click to embiggen)


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Chapter 4 Preview

Hey everybody! It’s time for a preview of our next chapter! Four is longer than usual, so it’s going to take a bit longer to get finished and start posting. With that said, let’s take a look at what Camille and the gang get up to!


Oh my.

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Super Duper Extra Preview

We here at Rapture Burgers all love Adventure Time, so what better way to show that love than a super-duper extra mini-comic? Well, that’s what we’re doing! This is just the cover of it for now, but the rest should be completed relatively soon. I hope we have some fellow Adventure Time fans in the house!

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The Evolution of Camille

Hey everybody! While we’re slaving away at getting chapter 4’s art and 5-6’s writing done, have a look at this cool little extra I made! It’s funny how much one character can change before anything is even released.

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Interviewer? I hardly know her!

Good news, everyone! We recently did an interview with the fine folks at Panelbound, which can be read here. Thanks again to Eastyn for interviewing us!

In other news, chapter 3 is having some minor tweaks made before we call it done. Speaking of which, we’re currently discussing a more typical posting schedule, with 3-4 pages being posted a week. We’ll likely try to do this with chapter 4 and onward, since that seems to be the preferred/expected posting schedule.

As a reminder, we can be followed on twitter, tumblr, Facebook and even RSS. Definitely not Myspace though. We’ll resort to carrier pigeon before that.

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The Impending Rapture Chapter 3: Don’t Get Left Behind

Exciting news, ladies and peoples — Fanboys Comics has posted their review of chapter 2. Tell your friends, your enemies, your acquaintances and your barber.

And now, presenting, just for you (yes, you!), the first preview of Rapture Burgers chapter 3:


Chapter 3 will be ready and waiting for you next weekend right here on this very website. What new dangers await our, uh, heroes? Don’t worry, it’s just dragons.

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A Chapter Two Review and Other Convenient Rhymes

Rapture Burgers chapter 2 has been reviewed by the fine website Panel Bound. Thanks go to Eastyn for the write-up and for her kind words.

Chapter 3 is on the way, people. The art phase is nearly complete. After that, we merely have to bless each page with a special incantation, offer a blood sacrifice, and survive a night of deep, spiritual awakening, casting away our egos and inviting the darkness of the wilderness to consume the light within us. Also proofreading.

Speaking of art, check out our artist Mimi Alves’ tumblr for more of her wonderful work. We’re fans.

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A few updates!

Up first, we’ve changed Rose’s hair within chapter 1 and onwards. We think it’s a nice change! While we’re at it, we’re also working on making it so Rose shoots first. At any rate, the new pages are on the site.

The second chapter is still underway too, with an expected finish date sometime next month. The holidays are going to delay us a bit, but otherwise it’s all on schedule.

We also received our first proof copy of this chapter. There are a few tweaks to be made, but otherwise we’ll be looking into getting more printed and distributing them.


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Chapter 2 is imminent. Panic accordingly.

Now that you have enjoyed the first chapter of Rapture Burgers, please consider your mounting anticipation of the continuing rise of Camille. The next chapter is currently being art’d by our excellent artis’t. Here’s a preview to whet your unfulfilled appetite:


Suspense! Comedy! Nudity? It’s all probably waiting for Camille in the next chapter of Rapture Burgers.

The information overload is here! Rapture Burgers is now on Twitter! Like us on Facebook! Tumble with us on Tumblr! Aagh!

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