Volume Two and Interviews!

Chris Hill

Hi everybody! In case you hadn’t heard, volume two is now available in print form, colored and everything! There’s also neat additions, like this, an actual menu for Rapture Burgers, a couple of additional pages at the end of chapter seven, and a fun collage of photos Alex and Rose took!

I should also mention that buying our books is the best way to support us, short of throwing money in my face. Actually, if you ever meet me in person, PLEASE throw money in my face. Anyway, you can pick up both volume one and the just-released volume two on Amazon.

On a semi-related note, we’ve got a few recent interviews up around the web! You can watch an interview with the Otaku Rage Nation guys (done at Comikaze) here, and listen to a podcast interview with the guys at the GWW here. There’s also a long interview, with all three of us again, going up sometime soon over on the Meltdown Comics site. I’ll post that whenever it goes up!

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