Age: 18
Height: 5’7”
DOB: 12-20-1994
Sex: M
Hair: Brown
Eyes: ?

Sydney is Camille’s best (only) friend, collaborator and protector. He tends to be immune to and disinterested in Camille’s and others’ theatrics, regardless of how compelling they may be.Sydney doesn’t talk about himself, leaving his past and personal life a mystery. He has lived in Zone 006 his entire life, having never left.

When he’s not enabling Camille, his time is largely occupied with sitting in his room on his computer, staving off death.

Sydney is also very quick and agile, making him a natural fighter. He uses this skill strictly out of necessity, mostly to save Camille. He has no specific ulterior motives in Camille’s domination plot other than his own entertainment. As he would tell you, “It’s something to do.”