Age: 44
Height: 5’5″
DOB: 08-15-1969
Sex: M
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue

Barry Dumovich is the CEO of the Rapture Corporation, more colloquially referred to as “Rapture Corp.”

Dumovich was appointed CEO immediately after the war ended, and changed the focus of the company to an altruistic goal.

Dumovich has a calm demeanor and tries to lead the misguided to the right path. He also appears to have some sympathy for the children affected by the environment his generation created, with his own son suffering from the effects.

Although he and Rapture Corp do provide supplies and assistance to the government, the relationship appears to be somewhat begrudging. However, Dumovich believes that the world will recover, and he’s just doing his part to see that it does, even if it means dirtying his hands a bit.