Age: 28
Height: ?
DOB: 05-31-1985
Sex: M
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue/Green
Alexandria, or Alex, appears to be some kind of agent for the government, or what’s left of them, at least.

Approximately three months after the Graham incident, she found herself assigned to Zone 006, or Artesia Valley, to investigate a lead.

It’s clear that she and Devlin had some kind of involvement in years past, perhaps of the romantic variety.
Regardless, their current relationship seems to have a bit of animosity to it, perhaps having to do with Devlin’s leaving his prior position.

Alex’s right arm appears to be a cybernetic prosthetic of some kind, yet doesn’t suffer from any loss of versatility or range of motion.

She comes off, whether intentionally or not, as a bit of a carefree klutz, but appears to be a reliable resource to her superiors.