Camille is going to save conquer the world.

The bad decisions during heartbreak are the worst you’ll ever make.

You just probably didn’t try to take over the world.

Camille lost his parents and now his love to the great fall.
His friends are frankly a bit tired of his drama.

After the Apocalypse, everyone has problems.
Thanks to this jackass and his dream of conquering the world…
he might END us all in the process.

Camille is your slightly-below-average high school student. Who happens to hear an omnipotent voice. Camille suddenly declares his desire to conquer the world after his girlfriend, Rose, breaks up with him.
Rose is Camille’s ex-girlfriend, who is designated by Camille to be his arch-nemesis. She is initially unamused by this title and Camille’s new world conquering delusions.
Sydney is Camille's best (only) friend, collaborator and protector. He tends to be immune to and disinterested in Camille's and others’ theatrics, regardless of how compelling they may be.
Alexandria, or Alex, is an agent of the military organization known as Astrea. Though she doesn't really talk much about her past, it is known that she lived in the wasteland after The Fall.
Devlin is a former Astrea agent who now lives in Zone 006, where he runs a junkyard. Though he is currently on an indefinite leave, he also teaches robotics at the Attila the High School.
Graham is an above-average student who excels at robotics, currently acting as president of the robotics club. Although Graham is an excellent student, he has some anger issues and tends to think of himself as above others.
Lisa is Camille’s younger sister. Although they’re both foster children, they do get along famously, with Lisa playing pranks on Camille every chance she gets. Lisa has always been fond of Rose, and definitely wishes Camille hadn’t screwed that up.
Linus is Camille and Lisa’s pet dog. They tend to involve him in their respective schemes.

High Stakes High School Drama!
A tale of love and loss. Crazy vendettas and battles in the Wasetland.
Camille leads his friends & enemies to take on what’s left of the world.
He will rule it all, or burn it down in the process…